5 Unique Wedding Dress Color Meanings

//5 Unique Wedding Dress Color Meanings

5 Unique Wedding Dress Color Meanings

by Shawna Schofield

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, there are a long list of design choices to take into consideration. The style, fit, length, and the color. Many people have the misconception that white is the only allowed color acceptable for a wedding; however, in modern times the tradition is changing, and white is no longer the only color that brides are choosing for their big day. If you are looking for the perfect dress, consider looking at choices in a few of the colors listed below.

Red: This color is used throughout Asian cultures when it comes to dressing the bride. It can symbolize love and infatuation, as well as passion, strength, and excitement. As modern brides choose dresses for themselves, red as been increasing in popularity. No only does it color denote to passion and love, but it can make a memorable impression on everyone in your wedding attendance.

Pink: This color is often linked to femininity and is a good choice for those looking to project an air of innocence, freshness, love, and purity. The good thing about this color is the difference in hues that you can play around with until you find one that compliments you, and works with your theme. From deep shades of blush to lighter champagne pinks, there is an option that you will be sure to love.

Yellow: Going with a pale yellow, or even a deep gold can be a stunning choice for a bride to make. Yellow is symbolic of wisdom, happiness, and fulfillment, which are certainly all worthy goals for a bride to aspire to embody. Pale yellows can make for a very chic, but vibrant impression, while gold conveys elegance and regality. Take a look at the variety of options, and see which fits best with what you have in mind for your image.

Blue: With this color we also have the option of a wide variety of shades and hues to choose from. From pale blues that can inspire a calm and peaceful appearance, to a deep sea blue that inspires a feeling of loyalty, stability, and lifetime security, you have a plethora of options from which to pick what is best for you.

Black: Now this color may throw up some flags as being to unconventional to consider for use in a wedding dress. However, black and varying shades of gray have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and that trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. Contrary to what you may believe, black an exude the image of sophistication, elegance, and wealth. You don’t have to be goth to incorporate this color into your wedding party.

With any of these colors you don’t have to make a full dress color commitment. Using them as accent colors can have a similar eye catching effect; whether that be in embroidery, underskirts, focal pieces, or any other accessory additions. Furthermore, you could style your bridesmaids in the solid color, while your wedding dress features embroidery (or the like) in the selected color, whereby tying the party together. There are a lot of possibilities to play around with if you are looking for a dress in anything but basic whites.

If you have chosen a specific color theme to use throughout the wedding, consider extending that even to your dress. Depending on the style and the amount of color, you can have a bold dress that will stand out in peoples minds for years to come. Don’t be afraid to break tradition and create something all your own. This day is yours, make sure you get the experience you want. (Even if that includes a hot pink dress!)

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