Wedding Dance: Meet Jim and Mary

//Wedding Dance: Meet Jim and Mary

Wedding Dance: Meet Jim and Mary

They Get to Do their First Dance Again!

Jim and Mary came to the studio with a little added pressure around their first dance.

In Mary’s family, they have a tradition of continuing to play the first dance of some of the already married couples in the family at future weddings. (so imagine doing your first dance at your wedding, and then again at your cousins wedding in 3 years, etc).  Jim and Mary wanted to be included in this tradition.

They wanted a first dance that would stand up to the test of time… one that they could dance again at future family weddings …and have it still be impressive.

So we got started with the most important element… a song that had meaning to the two of them. While song choice is something we talk with all our wedding couples about, for Jim and Mary, it was particularly important since they’ll need to be inspired by it for years to come!

After choosing the song and doing a solid edit, we got to work teaching them the basics of the dance steps. They wanted something that would move around the floor and keep people’s attention. For their song (Ho Hey) we decided on a combination of East Coast Swing and Country two-step.

One of the side benefits of learning the basics before starting the choreography is that they’ll be able to dance those basics to other songs any time they go out socially. They now know more than just their routine!

Once Jim and Mary were comfortable with the two styles of dance, we started the choreography, matching the moves they learned to the music, adding some moves and putting in the transitions and special moments. They looked great!

Jim and Mary were terrific to work with. They started early enough so that they had time to build the dancing into their body memory. They also had plenty of time to put dance lessons on hold for a week or two when other important life stuff came up. This kept their stress level to a minimum.

One more thing that made them successful, they made time to practice on their own!

Most wedding couples are a bit nervous about their first dance, but Jim and Mary had the added pressure of wanting to be a part of the family tradition! Jim told us that he was ‘sure he was going to step on Mary’s dress’, and Mary thought she ‘had two left feet’ (see them share their thoughts with Maren here).

Their desire to be a part of family tradition was bigger than their fear of stepping into a dance studio and doing something completely outside of their comfort zone (neither of them had any dance background).

Walking through the door was the hardest part, from there on out, we took them step by step through the process of creating their ideal first dance… and they nailed it on their wedding day! Plus, as time goes by and future generations get married, Jim and Mary will get to dance their dance again and again!


Watch parts of Jim and Mary at the studio along with the chat with Maren 2 weeks before their wedding! PLUS…see it all come together on the big day!

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