I have always wanted to learn and perform the Thriller Routine from Michael Jackson’s original Thriller music video, but never found the people willing enough to embrace my crazy ideas… until last year.

How it Began

It was coming up on the beginning of September of 2018. We were planning to put together a West Coast Swing routine to perform at Swing City Chicago, but no one was excited about it. I voiced my idea that we could just nix the West Coast Swing routine and dance Thriller instead. I got a bunch of laughter and “wouldn’t that be fun?” responses until everyone realized I was serious.

Some concerns were voiced. The routine is a beast! Everyone was worried about remembering it. We were all worried about how we would look. But, who cares about being perfect when you’re embodying the walking dead?

To my pleasant surprise, an amazing group of dancers showed up to learn and perform Thriller with me.

The Performance

Now we don’t go half way here at Heart & Sole Dance, so I told everyone early on that we would be dressing as zombies and be in character from walking on the dance floor to leaving.

There were many concerns with being on time, remembering the routine, and “looking good.” Our response to those concerns was to reassure ourselves that we were zombies and in no way should we be perfect.

The result was my favorite routine we have ever danced as a group. We had A BLAST and it was a total success. The hardest part of the experience was holding back my laughter while being a zombie as the whole experience was so hilarious.

Check out one of the videos taken HERE.

What’s Next?

If you have ever wanted to experience what a performance team is like, check out our upcoming Ghostbusters Team! We are taking 8 weeks to learn a Ghostbusters West Coast Swing routine. Come every Wednesday starting September 4th, 2019 for new patterns, familiar footwork, a bit of a workout (because Kat’s a drill sergeant and her favorite word is “again”), laughter, and a whole lot of fun!

– Kat Warner