The Secret to Overnight Success

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The Secret to Overnight Success

The quick fix, the easy road to success – it’s enticing, and it must exist, right? We see it happen.

How? You ask yourself.

Yes, there is a secret to success, and it’s simple – however it’s not always easy… and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Are you ready?

The secret is actually super simple and can be summed up in 2 words: focus and commitment. Not what you wanted to hear?

Let’s take a look at the Chinese Bamboo plant for inspiration… (watch the amazing Les Brown talk about it here)

It surges from the ground and grows 80 feet in 4-6 weeks. That’s awesome!

Here’s the catch though, it only does that after FIVE years of being underground, unseen, no hint of movement or growth… watered and cared for with NO indication that it’s even there.

Picture this, you are watering a feeding a bare piece of earth for 5 years. Your neighbors think you’re crazy, people tell you it’s hopeless, but you persevere. You keep your focus, you know what you want – a cool bamboo plant; and you’re committed to taking care of it every day, even though you see nothing happening.

Finally, in the 5th year of dedicated attention, it starts to grow, and within 5 weeks it’s 80 feet tall.

People around you see it and are in awe of your fast success, Of course, they’ve conveniently forgotten that you were focused and committed, to something they told you to ‘forget’, for five years.

There are two forces that create success…

  • Focus: When you have a vision for yourself, stay focused. Don’t let the people around you talk you out of your dreams. Some will if you let them… surround yourself with people that have big dreams of their own, and create a support system to help each other keep that laser focus!
  • Commitment: you must feed and water your dream, everyday, regardless of the naysayers or how inconvenient it is. Set up a system, join a mastermind group, hire a coach, do whatever it takes to keep watering it and feeding it. Then one day, you’ll wake up and it will be visible, and the people will be asking you how you managed your fast road to success!

(Enjoy orator and motivational coach Les Brown telling us the story of the Chinese Bamboo plant!)

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