Best Stress Relief: Ballroom Dance

Dance, the eternal stress reliever

Excerpts from Prerna Salla

Ever wondered how dancers across the world glow so daringly at any given time in their lives? I’ll tell you why!

Although there are many healthy forms of getting rid of stress if you really want to, my best bet on absolute redemption is Dance!

Advantages of Dancing

Dance is known to be one of the best forms of exercise. There are many cultures that promote dance as an anti-stressful form of keeping fit. There are others who agree that being an exercise that includes, both stretching and cardio, dance is perhaps the only exercise that is acceptable to all age groups; young and old alike.

There is a dancing bone in every body, so said a prolific philosopher, and moreover, dancing is known to be the reason for a number of beneficial effects. After a good bout of dance, the release of endorphins is immense. It gives you a certain high, almost 56 per cent higher than marijuana, with anti-ageing factors, which reduce the occurrence of wrinkles to almost 63 per cent. This is so if you are dancing to your favorite tune, which happens most of the time, you tend to grin and smile a lot more than you ordinarily would. According to research, babies smile more than a hundred and forty six times in a day as compared to adults who barely smile not more than four times in a day.

Because of the feeling of well being, dance also brings an excellent glow to the skin, no other tonic, moisturizer could ever be replaced with. It is also true that dancing makes anyone feel on top of the world.

An excellent (form of) cardio, dancing also finds its way into aerobics, calisthenics (and) fusion dances.

Published: 6/30/2004