Improve Your Relationships through DANCE!

People of all ages are returning to partner dances such as swing, waltz, tango and many others. This resurgence is directly connected to our reevaluation of relationships and courtships in our culture. Today, partners are coming back together on the dance floor after decades of unfulfilled separateness.

Americans are making a new commitment to intimacy. The resurgence of social ballroom dance reflects the efforts people are making to get to know their partners and avoid meaningless liaisons. Relationships are the fabric of our lives, and partner dancing directly reflects the steps needed to strengthen good relationships and heal difficult ones.

  • Cooperation – Partner dancing is two people learning to work together to the same end, from very different perspectives; leader and follower – a mini relationship! The dance floor is an enjoyable, easy going place to improve cooperation …resulting in better teamwork, coordination and understanding both on AND off the dance floor!
  • Romance – An essential piece to the relationship puzzle. Setting the mood for passion is a mental, emotional and physical journey, one done magnificently well through partner dancing! Creating the right environment becomes effortless with dance courtship!
  • Fresh and Fun – No matter how well two people know each other, there is always more to learn. Human beings are mysterious, fascinating creatures… and partner dancing is an on-going, fun way to investigate each others intricacies, maintain a sense of wonder, and grow together!
  • Connection – Contact is an essential part of life. On the dance floor, we connect to our partners and to others on the floor as we move, whirl and twirl! This can be in simple, three minute, gratifying bytes or can be an entire evening of rich one-on-one time. The lead/follow element of couples dance not only augments physical and mental connections, but also develops emotional ones …in a non-threatening way, three minutes at a time!
  • Communication – 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Partner dancing is an excellent place to explore, become more aware of and refine non-verbal chat! Learning to talk and listen on the dance floor is a skill that translates into everyone’s everyday life. (A tremendous benefit to anyone in a relationship or seeking a relationship!)
  • Partnership – The whole is larger than the sum of it’s parts, so let’s build something together! Improving you benefits your partnership, and working on a partnership benefits you! Partner dancing requires BOTH! So, it’s evident why it’s not only effective in individual growth and development, but also promotes and enhances the quality of contact between people.

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