Our Extraordinary Team

Heart & Sole Dance is dedicated to pursuing and teaching excellence as a way of life. Whatever your goals and level of interest, from the rich social environment to the demanding path of the competitor, Heart & Sole Dance has something to offer, and we promise that your journey will be fun!

Our instructors have trained with the best and bring varied and extensive experience to the studio. From national level competitors to local experts, the standards at Heart & Sole are held higher than other studios and you can expect nothing but top quality and lots of joy in every lesson.

Our Heart & Sole Dance Team

Maren Oslac
Maren OslacOwner, Lead Instructor
Maren is a dancer, educator and entrepreneur. After establishing herself at the top of levels of Swing, Country and Ballroom dance worlds, she opened a physical location to develop and grow the local dance community. Her passion for teaching and her desire to share her love of dance tied with her drive to help people change their lives through the discipline of dance led her to delve deeply into what it takes to truly be excellent in life.

Maren takes the art of teaching dance to a higher level. She specializes in excellence education and is committed to helping people to dance with, and through, life with grace, elegance, joy and intention.

Her next adventure is bigger than anything she’s attempted so far!

(For 4 years of her competition career, she had the privilege of competing in the Open Classic division of West Coast Swing with Jason Miklic. Together, they consistently placed in the top 5 in the nation throughout their partnership! Check them out on You Tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbe52piPoVY)

Kat Warner
Kat WarnerInstructor
Kat began line dancing for fun at the age of eight. She danced with her family not knowing she was paving the path to her destiny. After graduating college with a double major in technical theatre and studio fine arts, she returned home. She consistently worked odd jobs to make ends meet while following her dream by substitute teaching line dance for Janet Kruse (her mother.) As she fell further in love with teaching, she decided to work toward turning her dream to a career.

In the late summer of 2016, Kat was introduced to Maren Oslac through an interview with her team of instructors. Maren opened the door to an opportunity and Kat joined the Heart and Sole dance family. She currently is teaching line dance, swing, ballroom, and country couples. She has a special love for choreography and for coaching wedding couples, (father-daughter / mother-son dances.) She is passionate about teaching as well as training for competition in the swing and country dance circuits.

Eli Wilson
Eli WilsonInstructor
Eli began dancing in his mid 20’s and quickly fell in love with the world of dancing. He graduated college with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. There he found his love for teaching by working as a lab instructor for undergraduate courses. As his love for dance grew (and with a spark of inspiration from his first dance instructor) he decided to pursue a career as a ballroom dance instructor.

In the fall of 2017, Eli found Heart & Sole Dance and enrolled in the Ballroom Teacher College. Upon graduating, he started teaching ballroom, latin, and country group classes as well as wedding couples. Eli competes in the swing, country, and ballroom circuits. His passion for not only teaching, but dance itself drives him to continue perfecting his technique. You will often find him practicing in the studio between his lessons.

Riley Wimes
Riley WimesInstructor
Riley has been with Heart & Sole Dance since Maren opened the studio in 2008. He was instrumental in HSD becoming the success that it is today and will always hold a very special place at the studio. Riley brings a varied background with him which serves him well as an instructor.

Riley is known for fitness; but his Swing, Lindy Hop, Salsa and DeeJaying backgrounds show up in all that he does. He is an unstoppable machine!

MonicaTechnology Diva
Monica’s love for music started young with the musical notes of everything from Nat King Cole to Pearl Jam floating through her home (and might be why she loves The Edsels just as much as Ace of Base). She combined her love of music and technology into a beautiful symphony and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Performing Arts Management.

While expanding her knowledge in everything technological, Monica finds excitement in solving problems and addressing the “little” details. She considers herself a student in all aspects of life. When not tucked behind her computer, she can be found; hanging out upside down, watching large amounts of tennis, imitating Pippi Longstocking, and doing all things handy.

…our instructors are qualified to work with everyone from raw beginners to advanced dancers and competitors, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  

~ Maren Oslac