By Shawna Schofield

If you are planning on having musical entertainment at you wedding, but don’t know whether to hire a professional DJ or live band; however, there are a couple more unique options that you should consider!

The Jukestar App

Jukestar gives you control of what’s in your queue!
Jukestar is a downloadable app that can connect directly to your premium Spotify account. This app allows guests to view, queue, and suggest songs that will play throughout the night. Guests can also upvote or down vote songs, depending on what they want to hear. However, as the host you can veto any song choices and play any songs that you want to hear on demand; it is your big way after all!
This app also keeps tabs on all the songs played so that there aren’t any repeats, and guests can’t suggest a song that has already been played. This way no one can get tired of Uncle Phil trying to play the Macarena on repeat, after one too many glasses of champaign.

Pandora Radio

Another option that is readily available is the Pandora Radio music app. With this app you can choose a specific artist, list of artists, or themes, and spend a few weeks before the big day tailoring the list to what you want to hear most.
If you are using this app, purchasing the premium membership should be used to ensure unlimited skips and no commercial add breaks. (This also applies if you are using Spotify.)
Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and iTunes are some of the most popular music apps in use today!

A Personalized Playlist

This is a fun option that you can use to get your guests involved. Before the ceremony, ask for song submissions from guests that this themed around either the wedding, or songs they associate with you (within good taste). All submissions can then be put into a playlist that can be shuffled during the reception. This can be a away to get guests involved in the process, and give them a chance you put forth meaningful songs for your special day.

Additional Tips

If you are planning to hire a professional DJ or live band, consider these points before booking the vendor.
  • Don’t let there be too much silence: If you expect guests to be arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, make sure they aren’t sitting in silence. Book your music vender for a reasonable amount of time before the start, to ensure your guests are enjoying the literal sound of silence.
  • Church restrictions: If you are planning on having the wedding in a traditional church, consider that there may be restrictions on what you can play. Check before hand to make sure everything is good to go, and if there are restrictions, what you can do to abide by them.
  • Always preform a soundcheck: Don’t wait until the day of to check speakers and sound quality. The last thing you want is for there to be bad audio or issues with sound projection. The venue itself may have limitations in what the system can do, and that is something you want to be aware of. It can help you avoid unnecessary issues, and allow you to better tailor your audio if something is wrong.
  • Meet the musicians: Don’t wait until the day of to meet the musicians you hired, and always make sure to listen to a live performance before placing the booking. Hearing them and talking with them before the wedding can ensure you get exactly what you want, and can go a ling way towards avoiding issues. Additionally, make sure to give them a list of the songs you want to be played so that they know how best to prepare.
  • Don’t set the volume too high: Make sure guests are able to hold a conversation while the music is playing. No one want to be shouting across the table at someone during the reception. You can go about this by setting timed volume blocks, such as lower during dinner and cocktail times, and louder for the first dances and final songs.
  • Decide the length of your first dance: If you choose Bohemian Rhapsody as your first dance song, consider the length and if you want to be dancing for nearly 6 minutes. If you’re song choice is on the longer side, consider seeking out a professional edit that can cut the song down to a more manageable length.
  • Don’t stick to one genre: Don’t be afraid to switch up the music and keep it interesting. (If you’re a fan of multiple genres that is) However, your guests may have different tastes, which is why Jukestar is a fantastic option where the guests can have their say in what’s playing.

What to Remember

Music is a big part of any wedding, and what method you choose is completely up to you, your tastes, and your overall vision for your wedding. While each has it’s own set of perks, make sure and plan ahead to ensure everything goes off without a hitch on the big day. If you do opt for a live band, stay informed and make sure they know what you want, and expect. If you opt for a Spotify or Pandora route, make sure to take your time streamlining the process, and working out any potential hitches before the big debut. However, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it! Don’t stress out about having a perfect playlist, choose what feels right to you, and just enjoy the music.