I have always wanted to learn and perform the Thriller Routine from Michael Jackson's original Thriller music video, but never found the people willing enough to embrace my crazy ideas... until last year. How it Began It was coming up on the beginning of September of 2018. We were planning to put together a West [...]

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3 Ways To DJ Your Own Wedding

By Shawna Schofield If you are planning on having musical entertainment at you wedding, but don’t know whether to hire a professional DJ or live band; however, there are a couple more unique options that you should consider!     The Jukestar App   Jukestar gives you control of what's in your queue! Jukestar is [...]

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Top 10 Wedding First Dance Styles

By Shawna Schofield The first dance shared between partners is a tradition that goes back centuries. As it is such an important staple, you may want to seriously consider what you would like to perform ahead of time. Some couples can get intricate with a whole choreographed routine, while others keep it simple. The option is  up [...]

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8 Health Health Benefits of Dance

By Shawna Schofield While you may have considered taking up dance as a hobby, did you realize the numerous health benefits that can go along with dancing? There are more than you would think, and they are definitely something to keep in mind if you are looking to improve your dancing skills. 1. Dancing can [...]

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