Overcoming Fear in Competition

This is a great article by Troy Bassham. He's an archer, and everything he talks about applies perfectly to dancers (or anyone who competes at all!!!) Overcoming Fear in Competition Having fear while competing is not a good feeling. Often the feeling consumes the Conscious Mind and makes it harder to have a good performance. [...]

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Breaking Barriers

Becoming a ballroom dancer, or even taking a dance class doesn't seem like something that 'breaks a barrier', but for many people just the thought of stepping into a dance studio stops them in their tracks. Most people believe that people are born as dancers... or not.  This is simply a cultural barrier, that is [...]

Are Your Goals Working Against You?

by Maren Oslac "if the goal is reached then I am a successful person, but if I miss the goal then I'm no good!" Recently I read an article by US Olympian, Lanny Basham, that made me rethink my 2018 goals. Yes, I have goals… and if you are anything like me, you've probably fallen [...]

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