By Shawna Schofield The first dance shared between partners is a tradition that goes back centuries. As it is such an important staple, you may want to seriously consider what you would like to perform ahead of time. Some couples can get intricate with a whole choreographed routine, while others keep it simple. The option is  up to you and your spouse! Here are a few options to keep in mind if you are unsure where to
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By Shawna Schofield While you may have considered taking up dance as a hobby, did you realize the numerous health benefits that can go along with dancing? There are more than you would think, and they are definitely something to keep in mind if you are looking to improve your dancing skills. • Dancing can help improve function of the heart and lungs, by providing an aerobic routine that helps you learn to control your
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by Shawna Schofield The holiday season can bring about feelings of nostalgia; time spend with family, curled up by a fire sipping hot cocoa, and waiting for Santa. November and December are both months were we spend the most time surrounded by those we love, with everyone already together it can make for a good time to plan your wedding, and also an opportunity to use the season to theme your special event. Give your
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Thank you for the joy Maren’s reflection on dancing at the Senior Centers This past Saturday over 20 dancers from my studio spent their day dancing for, and with, seniors in our local community. They/we spent an hour dancing at each of four retirement homes. Each of these amazing people spent a precious Saturday during the holiday season, despite all the pressures and duties of their own lives pulling on them. They traveled from senior
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Holidays are a time for us to show appreciation and love to those around us…and what better way than with DANCE! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone else or if you want to give yourself a little treat this holiday season, we’ve got you covered! This December, we have TWO different opportunities for you to take advantage of the holiday cheer…   Discounted Private Lessons – 50% OFF! Our favorite time of