by Shawna Schofield When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, there are a long list of design choices to take into consideration. The style, fit, length, and the color. Many people have the misconception that white is the only allowed color acceptable for a wedding; however, in modern times the tradition is changing, and white is no longer the only color that brides are choosing for their big day. If you are looking
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by Shawna Schofield Planning for your wedding doesn’t have to start immediately after you say “I do.” Depending on how long you have until your planned date, you can allow yourself some down time, for a least a couple weeks, before diving head first into your wedding planning. Allow yourself some time to bask in your engagement, and just relax. The one thing you should talk about with your partner is exactly how long you
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The Key to Learning… “Thriller” Learning is serious business – or is it? In October, the Heart & Sole Dance Zombies took to the floor and put on a show that was not only fun and engaging for the audience, but held the attention of all of the participating dancers.  As a ballroom dance instructor, I’ve often found that my students attention and motivation will start out at a high level, and then wane as
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HEART & SOLE DANCE GIVES BACK! over 20 dancers become Holiday Elves at local Senior Centers Part of our core philosophy is local philanthropy… giving back to our very own community.  On December 15th more than 20 dancers from Heart & Sole Dance will donate a day of their time to dance, perform, and visit with residents at four local senior centers.  The ‘Holiday Elves Performance Team’ will dance and visit with residents at each
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by Shawna Schofield While a couples first dance at a wedding may seem like a tradition that has always been around, it actually has a rich history stemming from the lavish balls that used to be held commonly in the past. Though less common now, these lavish social gatherings were often commenced by a first dance that was initiated by either the guest of honor, or the person in attendance with the highest social position;
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