These two children (pictured left) did their first ballroom dance lesson last night. They met each other for the first time, and started learning to dance together.

They tackled waltz and salsa. They moved through feeling uncomfortable and frustrated, to starting to understand, to finally being able to move together …doing just a couple of patterns.

There were lots of awkward, uncoordinated and unsuccessful moments… and then there were the break throughs!

“Of course” we say to ourselves, “they’re kids, doing something new is easy for them.”

But is it?

I think it’s sometimes easier for them to let go of their egos, their self-imposed definition of who they are… what have come to believe they can and can’t do …because they have had a bit less time on earth to get attached to their own stories about themselves.

But the learning itself is not any easier.

They just don’t get in their own way as often.  They are still willing to imagine themselves as more.

Where is your comfort zone keeping you from living your life to the fullest? Where are your self defined limitations keeping you from learning something new or becoming who you dreamed you’d one day become?