When Should We Get Started?

I Want to Feel Confident When Everyone Is Watching Us Dance, How Long Will That Take?

I’ve seen places recommend everything from one year to, ‘there’s no need to plan’! I suppose both could be right, depending on what you want!

Our studio has worked with hundreds of wedding couples and we’ve found starting 3-6 months before your wedding is usually best.

You’ll certainly want to start doing research and interviewing instructors to find one that you like and trust before you hit that ‘6 month’ mark. (For a list of questions to ask potential instructors, request our booklet “8 Costly Misconceptions About Hiring a Wedding Dance Instructor”).

Starting your actual lessons 3-6 months out allows you time to:
choose a song

– plan the best dance to go with that song

– work with your dance coach to create your ideal dance

– have the time necessary to practice the dance

– avoid last minute, stressful and unnecessary panic

– feel confident the day of your lessons

If for some reason, you find yourself in a last minute situation, there are still options for you. Many studios can accommodate you for a private lesson, or two, in the weeks leading up to your wedding!

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