Private or Group, Which is Best for Us?

Private lessons are highly recommended for most wedding couples, but group classes can be perfect for certain situations. Here’s a good guide to follow to determine what is best for you!

Private Lessons:
Since private lessons are the two of you with a dance profession that is focused on you and only you, it’s the most practical way to meet your specific needs and ensure your first dance looks exactly the way you want.

Group Classes:
Some studios offer wedding group classes or crash courses. These types of classes are a great way to meet other couples. We recommend this option for:

– couples that have no time left to learn to dance

– couples that want to do more than the ‘high school sway, but don’t want to put the effort into learning to dance

– couples who have at least one year before their wedding to help check out a studio or instructor before committing to private lessons

If you’d like more details about the what to expect with classes and private lessons, request our booklet “8 Costly Misconceptions About Hiring a Wedding Dance Instructor”.

Do some research and find out what classes are offered in your area. Be sure to call and ask if there are and Wedding Specific classes offered.

If for some reason, you find yourself in a last minute situation, there are still options for you. Many studios can accommodate you for a private lesson, or two, in the weeks leading up to your wedding!

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