Wedding Dance Essentials that EVERY Couple Should Know For Their First Dance

Nationally acclaimed Wedding Dance Expert, Maren Oslac, wrote these articles to help people JUST LIKE YOU create the wedding dance of their dreams. Your wedding dance can be a source of confusion and frustration, or a joyful and easy part of your day. Reading through Maren’s essential tips below will ensure that your first dance is a piece of wedding cake!

  • Choosing A Wedding Song – You want a wedding song that is memorable to you as a couple, but is also easy to dance to and not too long. Most dance studios, DJs and Band companies are able to provide you with a list of songs that you may choose from. Once you have made some selections, you should discuss these songs with your instructor to help you narrow down your selection.
  • Father-Daughter/Mother-Son Dance – For most couples and their parents, dancing with each other can be awkward as most parents are used to dancing with each other or don’t dance at all. It is recommended that you practice dancing with your parent before your wedding day. You may wish to take some private lessons with your parent to introduce your parent to the song you have selected and get comfortable dancing together.
  • Learning Other Dances – Although your first dance may be the primary reason you are taking lessons, you may want to learn other dances as well. On your wedding day, the DJ or Band will play a variety of music. It is suggested that you learn at least the basics in several dances so that you will be able to dance to different types of songs if you wish. For example, the swing is great for 50’s music (Chubby Checker’s Twist and Glen Miller’s In The Mood are very popular at weddings), whereas the Foxtrot may be great for big band music (Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett) and rumba is an all-around-dance that’s useful in almost any situation. In addition, you may find that learning a step or turn in one dance will help you master a step or turn in another dance.
  • Practice Makes Perfect. Take advantage of any socials or parties offered by the dance studio. Dancing in a social setting will help you to practice your dancing in a real atmosphere.
  • Find Our About Your Instructor’s Experience and Credentials – Ask your instructor about his or her dance training and teaching experience. Many different certifications are available. Your teacher’s education and experience should demonstrate a commitment to safety, professionalism and ongoing education.
  • The Studio – Beyond certification, potential students should look for a dance studio that offers the types of classes they want and whose staff is professional and open to their concerns.
  • Be Patient With Your Progress – Mastering Ballroom and Latin Dancing takes time. Don’t be discouraged if you do not learn as quickly as you would like. The more you practice, the more you will gain confidence and be comfortable on the dance floor.

Remember, the perfect dance does not exist, everyone is constantly learning. If you are worried about others judging you, DON’T. After all, it’s your wedding. Smile, relax and have fun!

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