But, it’s JUST a dance!

But, It’s JUST ANOTHER DANCE! Or Is There More To IT?

Your First Dance sets the tone for your entire marriage. It represents the physical intimacy that you have with your new mate and is the moment your friends and family witness you moving together as one for the first time!This is much more than ‘just another dance’.

Many grooms have cold feet about their first dance, and that’s understandable. Men in our culture are not taught to dance, and yet women LOVE to dance. Here on their big day, they are expected to sweep their bride off her feet and more her around the floor gracefully – all without any training!

That’s rediculous!

Your dance instructor is the key to helping you and your groom move smoothly and confidently in that moment. Think of your instructor as you Personal Dance Director, who will work with you on every aspect of you dance from the very beginning of choosing the perfect song, to the last detail so that you walk joyfully and confidently off the floor with your spouse.

It’s the instructor’s job to create the perfect dance (simple or elaborate) for you and teach you all the elements of moving as one. This role is especially amplified if you are planning to dance together beyond the first dance, throughout the reception.

There are many intricacies to a special first dance, and your instructor is there to guide you through them adding suggestions along the way to make your first dance unique and unforgettable – therefore setting a wonderful tone for the rest of your marriage!

A great instructor will also incorporate your ideas and suggestions into the dance. Beware of hiring someone who is just saying yes to everything you say. You want a teacher that gives it to you straight and doesn’t just tell you what s/he thinks you want to hear.

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