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Overcoming Fear in Competition

This is a great article by Troy Bassham. He's an archer, and everything he talks about applies perfectly to dancers (or anyone who competes at all!!!) Overcoming Fear in Competition Having fear while competing is not a good feeling. Often the feeling consumes the Conscious Mind and makes it harder to have a good performance. [...]

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Are You Stopping You?

  These two children (pictured left) did their first ballroom dance lesson last night. They met each other for the first time, and started learning to dance together. They tackled waltz and salsa. They moved through feeling uncomfortable and frustrated, to starting to understand, to finally being able to move together ...doing just a couple [...]

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The Secret to Overnight Success

The quick fix, the easy road to success - it’s enticing, and it must exist, right? We see it happen. How? You ask yourself. Yes, there is a secret to success, and it’s simple – however it’s not always easy... and it doesn’t happen overnight. Are you ready? The secret is actually super simple and [...]

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