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Please welcome Dr. Mark Sharp, a relationship expert that has a fantastic series of articles to help people JUST LIKE YOU create the marriage you want... beyond your special wedding day.  It's essential to take some time now to read a few of the articles below... they'll help you lay the foundation you want for the marriage you envision!  You can check out Dr. Sharps crendentials below.

The articles are in order, top to bottom.  You are welcome to skip to the one that catches your attention, or to read them as a series.  Dr. Sharp is one of the contributors to our monthly 'Wedding Dance Countdown' Newsletter.  To subscribe, click here.

Dr. Mark's articles are available to redistrtribution with his permission.  Please contact him directly to redistribute any of his material. 


Make Your Marriage as Great as Your Wedding

Tasks for a Successful Marriage: Primary Family

"1+1=3"...  Making 'We' A Priority


Dr. Mark Sharp


Dr. Mark Sharp is a psychologist who specializes in working with relationship issues.  He has been working with couples, families and individuals for more than twenty years.  In 2006 he founded the Aiki Relationship Institute in Oak Brook, IL, whose mission is to help people create the best possible relationships in all aspects of their lives. In addition to his commitment to helping people with their relationships, Dr. Mark is dedicated to the training of new professionals. He has supervised students from several local universities over the years and teaches a class on family and couples therapy every year at Rosalind Franklin University.

Dr. Mark is happily married to Debbi, an elementary school teacher.  They like to travel and try out new foods and restaurants.  Dr. Mark regularly practices the martial art of aikido, in which he holds a first degree black belt.  Interestingly enough, the aiki in aikido is the same one as in the Aiki Relationship Institute.  But that is another story.

You can contact Dr. Mark at or through the Aiki Relationship Relatioship web site


Dr. Mark's articles are available for redistrtribution with his permission.  Please contact him directly to redistribute any of his material. 


Articles By Dr. Mark



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