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The Medal Challenge



The Heart & Sole Dance Medalist System guarantees your success.

Our organized system of teaching based on our organized curriculum divided into three main levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

• Bronze dancing is all about helping you become comfortable on the dance floor. • Silver level dancing is about creating excitement and expression on the dance floor. • Gold level is the most refined, semi-professional level of dancing.

Whatever your goals are, whatever experience you wish to create Heart & Sole Dance will help you create your experience and will celebrate your achievements with you.

Our Medal Ball is one way we celebrate your success. A Heart & Sole Dance Medal Ball is a fun and exciting event recognizing your achievement with friends, family and other dancers, providing you with a medal as a keepsake of your accomplishment.

How does it all work?

Once you sign up, you start working towards the specific goal of dancing the patterns in the syllabus to the BEST of your ability.  Your instructor guides you through the entire process and is there with you during the review.

Then you set up a time with you, your instructor and an 'impartial' instructor to review your progress with the material.  It's is designed to give you input on what you are doing well and on what you can improve going into the next level of your Bronze, Silver, or Gold program.  The feedback from the review is extremely valuable, not just for you, but for your teacher too!  


A few things to remember.

1. If you weren't ready, your teacher wouldn’t ask:  If there was a teacher who had all their students fail their test, do you think anyone would want to take lessons with them?  Even better, would their executive even allow them to come within a 50 foot radius of a student?  Never!  That’s why it is always so important to remember that your teacher wouldn’t ask you to participate unless they knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would graduate.  It is the teacher’s, and studio’s, credibility on the line so we won’t ask unless you’re ready.  (SIDE NOTE:  There’s usually a six week delay from when the teacher feels like you’re ready and you feel like you’re ready).

2.  How it feels is ALWAYS different from how it looks!  When it comes to performing, how it feels to you will never be as good as how it looks, or how it feels to your partner.  The reason?  The little devil on your shoulder (who, by the way – knows nothing about dancing).  =)  In all seriousness, it takes an incredible amount of time and repetition before it starts to feel good to you.  It’s like karaoke or a roller coaster, it only starts to feel good after you’ve done it a few times.  So, in the meantime, focus on what your teacher tells you and remember that you don’t have to chalk everything up as a bad night, just because 33% of the criteria didn’t feel good.  

3.  When in doubt – SMILE!  Too often students feel like they have to be PERFECT during their review.  In reality, our instructors can give you all the feedback you’ll ever need just based on watching you dance a basic or two.  So don’t struggle through your patterns wearing you “thinking face”, focus on what you can do comfortably.  The steps that come most natural to you will give you the freedom to smile, look at your partner, the audience, and maybe even the reviewer!  

4. Cheer for the others in the studio.  When you see others working on their steps and technique at the studio, put on your “pep-rally” hat, and participate in the team-centered enthusiasm, it will do wonders for your comfort level.  Cheering for others keeps your inner critic on mute and creates a “pay it forward” mentality.  They cheered for me and I’m going to cheer for them.  We often find that the students that feel like they are being scrutinized by other students have forgotten how important cheering others really is.  The secret is: cheer for your fellow dancers. 

5.  Watch others and learn.  We don’t have a "pre-described, vividly detailed brochure" with what each level brings.  We have something a million times better:  actual students dancing at each level!  It sounds crazy but the students that sit with their teachers (or other students) and watch.... noticing movements, qualities, and techniques from the next level that they want to attain, THOSE students get to that level so much faster!  So take some time, pull out a notebook, and observe what the next level has to offer.  Before long, you’ll be the one graduating from that level with other watching YOU and taking notes.  

6. Come to the dances and DANCE!  The Medal Ball, and all the events, parties, etc. are really designed to share your love of dancing with others (who also love it!).  So mix and mingle.  There’s never a better time to do that than at one of the dance parties.  The more comfortable you feel in this environment, the more confident you’ll become.  The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll become! So get out there and ask someone to dance, after all – isn’t that why you started in the first place?

A quick checklist to help you on your journey to the next level of the Heart & Sole Dance Medal Challenge program.  Keep in mind that the Medal Ball isn’t the only way to progress, but it is the BEST.  The feedback you receive, and the confidence you acquire was the reason Heart & Sole Dance instituted them. 

Doing the Challenge gives you momentum going into your next level.  That momentum is the key to pushing past the awkward stages that sometimes plague us when we lose our way. 

We want your program to be like a book that you didn’t dare put down, not one you still have in your closet collecting dust.  

Talk to your teacher about whether YOU are ready to participate!


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